Catching Up

Where to begin? It’s been so long since I actually did anything with this website, that I’ve forgotten entirely where I’ve left you all. For instance, I don’t even know if I’ve mentioned the job at which I’m currently working. Or how things are here at home. I think we can all assume that it’s a given that I am still generally grumpy and remain somewhat (ha!) of a malcontent.

A brief recap of the past year, then:

I have been working at a cool little neighborhood grocery store in Glen Park since mid-August of last year. I was hired on in the Deli Department, and within a few months, was promoted to Supervisor. It’s a pretty sweet gig, though after well over a decade in management, there is a large part of me which wishes that my only responsibility there was making Kick-Ass sandwiches.

The owners are great, and remind me of the couple for whom I worked nearly a decade ago.

In other news, the other day marked the one-year anniversary of my Grandfather’s passing. Which means that this is now the first June I will have spent without either of my grandparents (though that sort of qualification also equally applied to all months since April). I am hanging in, but there are quiet moments when my grief overtakes me, and I miss them both terribly.

Also, in just under three weeks, my little Minkey finally hits the double digits. I don’t know how I feel about this. I can’t believe that I’ve been a dad for a decade, now. At this particular time, we can’t afford to get him a whole lot to celebrate, but I know one thing we’ve gotten him which he will absolutely adore: his own room.

What’s that? you ask, His own room? Did you move into some sort of palatial estate? 

No, indeed we did not. However, that does bring me to my final bit of actually important news: At long last, the Adult Children have moved out.

This move came on suddenly, and there are some technical issues which have yet to have been resolved (such as the removal of the remainder of their personal effects), but I can say that, as of midnight this morning, the only residents of The Home Office here in Not Quite Richmond, California are Wildflower, Minkey, and myself.

Now comes the cleaning, the painting, the rearranging, the unpacking, and the getting used to. I look forward to these challenges.

In the meantime, I look forward to getting back onto this whole writing thing.