About Mr. Batmart

Since I was seven years old, I’ve known I wanted to be a writer, and now, 28 years later, I’m finally making it happen. I grew up on a little island in the Puget Sound, and moved to Seattle in my early twenties. When the opportunity arose for me to move to California with my best friend (and live somewhere close to palm trees), I packed my bags and headed down. Within a few years, I met the woman who I would later marry, fathered a son and inherited a daughter. I am now a proud grandparent, and am enjoying my post-restaurant management years finally doing something I enjoy.

I am an unabashed liberal, an atheist, and the snarkiest person that I personally know. I try to be funny, on occasion, but frequently write sentimental or inflammatory posts, depending on what I feel I need to say on any given day. I won’t apologize for my beliefs (or lack thereof), but I’ll try to keep the preaching to a minimum.

I invite you to join me on the adventure I’ve spent my whole life preparing for.

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