A Warm Welcome

I’ve put this off for far too long, and let myself get rusty. It is my hope to remedy that over the next few months, so that I might actually be able to do this for a living. I’ll be honest: for a while, this will be a moderately uncomfortable endeavor for us both. But I intend to keep coming back, day after day, inspired or no, and writing. I’m horrible with deadlines and amazing at procrastination. If I feel scared, my usual response is to run away and hide, in the hopes that the world might eventually forget me and pass on by. No more.

I’ve never had a website before (unless you count my Geocities page from the Bronze Age of the Internet), and never had a Blog (unless you count my infrequent and stylistically inconsistent ramblings on my MySpace page), so you may notice changes from time to time, as I play with all the settings and push the fancy buttons. Please bear with me. Throughout it all, I will provide you with writings: entertaining, thought provoking, controversial, or likely some mix of all three.

I made a promise to my son, my wife, and to myself that I would follow through on this lifelong dream, and I look forward to sharing this Journey with you as well.



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