Apocalyptica (Pre-Show)

I am more excited than I probably should be, but this is the first show that I’ve gone to in years, and the first date night that Wildflower and I have had for almost as long. I’ve been nerding out to their entire discography all day (including the three songs off their new disc which I got because I pre-ordered. We’ve got a little over half an hour until we’ll be taking off, and I just wanted to get a little of this excess of exuberance out of my system before I get on BART. Chugging a 12 oz. Cranberry Red Bull probably isn’t helping, but I am who I am, and nothing’s gonna stop me. In addition to trying to write something about all of this, I’m also trying to get more music on my iPod for the ride over, but my computer is apparently having a seizure because it knows I’m in a hurry. It looks like that’s not going to happen, so I guess I’m out of luck for anything after 7th Symphony. I would also like to mention that I am a little put out with Amazon right now. I used to love getting MP3’s from them because I could download them easily and listen to them on my iPod, or on Zune, or wherever, and not be slaved to just one player. But their Music Player is cumbersome and unresponsive, and now it’s just as bad as dealing with iTunes, which I only do out of necessity. I just want to download my songs easily and listen to them. That’s it.

I mean, what’s wrong with a little functionality? So it looks like my laptop heard me… the files have miraculously appeared in on my computer. No to face the unending wrath of iTunes so I can transfer them over to my iPod.

Okay, I am officially out of time. I’ll be back after the show with details and an afterglow! Off to see Apocalyptica!

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